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OK so I’m making this commitment; to do 5 miniature portraits a week for 20 weeks.  I started this project a year ago, (to be titled ‘face book’, as the drawings were done in a coil bound sketch book, ha ha very clever), but I fizzled.

This time I will actually send the drawings to the people I draw as a gift, if they want it.  My reason?  It’s good practice, and it’s good for relations, and it gives me subject matter for 20 weeks.

I’ve been following some artists that possess a level of creativity that I can only dream about;  in fact, I envy the ideas and imagination.  As much as I would like to be cool like that, I have to be who I am, and I am a realist.

So now that I’m clear on that point, I have a shiny new art space to use….


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2 thoughts on “start here

  1. Homo plasticus says:

    i like the idea of you picking up random people as your subjects…. my portraits do get affected by my feelings towards the people concerned cuz i pick up friends and relatives as subjects. will be following your blog to see when u hit the golden number… good luck.

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