thirty two. Sperlin; co-owner of the freakin’ coffee shop

Sperlin, acrylic on panel, 13 3/4" x 13 3/4"

The freakin’ coffee shop not only has great coffee; they have reinvented the whole concept and made themselves into an arts and culture hub in the community.  I recently had the opportunity to speak with Sperlin at a costume party and was so struck by his awesome garb that I just asked him if I could do his portrait.  He kindly posed for me on the spot as I whipped out my phone and snapped a photo.

Check out the website and learn about the awesomeness of my own home town:

This is portrait 32 of 100.  Previous portraits can be seen here, or learn more about this project.

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26 thoughts on “thirty two. Sperlin; co-owner of the freakin’ coffee shop

  1. eof737 says:

    Great portrait… He must be quite the character. 🙂

  2. occultoantonio says:

    Hi, Master. Compliments.
    (there are an unpretentious gift for you on my blog.)

  3. wow! great color, composition, control of your media!

  4. ohhcanaduh says:

    Scott!!! This is amazing!!! Why isn’t your work in galleries?! Your talent is beyond incredible. Take a bow, dear sir.

  5. Whoa! This one’s so good I hadda go make myself a cuppa coffee so I could make viewing it a total experience… : )

    Great work, Scott. I love coffeehouses, and the FC sounds like a very cool place. Have you ever performed at one of their open mic’s? Wouldn’t surprise me. Again, lovely work!

    • artboy68 says:

      Ah, the caffiene… thanks Mark! I’m glad to hear it being viewed the same way it was made. No open mic’s for me- I’m actually kind of shy in person (thus the descriptor ‘closet extrovert’) ha ha

  6. deakildiko says:

    this is really cool! i like the way you use acrylic.

  7. jane tims says:

    Hi. Very nice. Beads and eyes are alive. Jane

  8. E. He says:

    WOW! What a beautiful blend of colors!

  9. hellenjc says:

    He has a sadness about him…….

  10. lesleehare says:

    Speechless! I can’t wait to see more – this made my day! 😀

  11. Gigi Galore says:

    This is freakin hilarious! I don’t know why … I just love it! I think it’s the name of the coffee shop. Golly, i wish we had one like that here … Love it! 🙂

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