42 OMG the hair…

Samar, pencil, 2 3/8" x 2 3/8"

I’m going to make a confession here.  I saw Samar’s profile picture on someone else’s blog in the comments section, so I left a comment on her blog in hopes that she would comment on my blog so that I could draw that gorgeous hair… so now that everything’s out in the open…

Samar is a freelance designer/artist in London.  Her blog is a quality  collection of interesting posts; http://amoursamar.wordpress.com/ and I find her website absolutely fascinating: http://www.amoursamar.com/.

That hair and talent too!

(later) I have since discovered that Samar is a man, and he has since changed his avatar… but I will let the fantasy live on…

This is portrait 42 out of 100.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you want me to draw you…

Go here to see previous portraits, or learn more about this project.

To enter to win the 100th portrait (acrylic painting) go here

Thanks for visiting!


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22 thoughts on “42 OMG the hair…

  1. occultoantonio says:

    Superb, Excellent.

  2. Samar says:

    omg omg omg, I have a secret confession too!! I am a guy!!.

    That image is actually a referenced piece by solve sundsbo and the reason why I use it as my Gravatar as it was my first realism try. https://amoursamar.wordpress.com/2011/08/01/realism/

    But now I am going to change my Gravatar. 🙂 Sorry for the miss direction and yes that hair is/was an OMG!! Thanks

  3. isabellart says:

    super amazing as always !

  4. absolutely fabulously done!

  5. olletron says:

    Your work blows me away, but this is something else entirely. I laughed so much at the fact that the subject actually turned out to be a man. The work on the website is lovely, too. I can see why you fell in love with the hair! I also really like the nose (I struggle with noses ahah) and the depth of the eye :> Keep it up~!

  6. drawandshoot says:

    That’s a beautiful drawing! And actually the whole story to go with it just makes me smile!

  7. hellenjc says:

    Wonderful drawing – only enhanced by your error Artboy… classically funny!!

  8. jane tims says:

    Very cool. The whole story is funny, but your drawing is even better!!!! Jane

  9. ohhcanaduh says:

    Hahaha!!!! That’s so awesome! Beautifully drawn, as always!

  10. That is nothing short of gorgeous.

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