sneak peek: process photos of ‘torso in 2 colours’

Here are some photos of a project I’ve been working on lately:  Torso In 2 Colours

I’m looking for some helpful critiques!



btw I’ve decided to sign my paintings as AB68 from here on, so when you see that encryption, it’s me! Why? Google Scott Hamilton & try to find me.  Then google artboy68…. what’s in a username, after all? Comments?

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27 thoughts on “sneak peek: process photos of ‘torso in 2 colours’

  1. wow!!! thsoe are awesome pictures!!!! i love your color scales and it is so realistic looking! really amazing detail!

  2. hellenjc says:

    *faints*…*swoons* at painting of man….who was the model! Can I be introduced ??
    On a more serious note the layering is a highly effective way of highlighting light and shade. I was mesmerised by his abdominals but then found the more I looked at them the more they looked like writhing snakes ( and I haven’t even had a drink !) and seemed to have a life of their I’m not sure about them now. I particularly like the head being turned to one side.. How large is the piece?

  3. High River Arts says:

    Sigh, youth, gotta love the young years!

  4. drawandshoot says:

    It’s beautiful Scott. And a little edgy. Well done!

  5. This is really interesting. I’m fascinated by how artists in other disciplines work, so as a non-painter I’m intrigued by your process of colour-layering (writing for an instrumental or vocal ensemble would be my equivalent, or composing harmonic or contrapuntal layers, or both!). Did you work from a photo or a model? Ever tempted to work in 3D?

  6. You’re right about usernames, with a surprising twist. A quick count just now: scott hamilton (almost 60m), scotthamilton (1.9m), “scott hamilton” (just short of 1.9m), artboy68 (27,400). … AB68 (3.6m – bizarre!).

  7. occultoantonio says:

    extraordinary. Good work, Scott.

  8. isabellart says:

    Another award for you !!! I nominated you for the Lovely Blogger Award!

    You can see it at:

  9. ElizOF says:

    They are stunning… I love the different colors you are working with and thought maybe one in psychedelic or stark shades a la Andy Warhol? Love em! 😉

  10. Scott – Your Ezekiel sculpture is extraordinary – powerful, visceral, painful even, but then that fits the subject and extends it. The imagery is haunting.

    Do you know the work of Constantin Meunier? I’ve been an admirer of his work since I saw one of his statues in a sculpture park in Antwerp. But next to yours his seem passive!

  11. artboy68 says:

    Thank you so much Adrian! I have several large blanks ready for carving- waiting for opportunity; I still have several paintings lined up to do…
    I just looked up Mr. Muenier- thank you for the lead- and the flattering comparison!

  12. Team Oyeniyi says:

    I Googled you – a figure skater or a rugby player or a musician.

    Artboy68 is EVERYWHERE – but competing with the ’58 variety!

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