74 off the front porch

Pakou, pencil, 2 3/8" x 3 1/8"

Ah, laughter. That contagious song of joy; captured in this beautiful visage.  Abigail and Pakou (which in Hmong means golden flower) are two friends who collaborate on the blog Off The Front Porch, a title which, we are told, reflects their philosophy. Their blog revolves around creativity and discovery, and recent posts include topics such as how to speak with semi-colons, a tribute to treehouses, a photo essay on making egg rolls, and various examples of fine artistry.

I felt somewhat uplifted after drawing this happy face. Thanks Pakou! (I think it’s Pakou)

This is portrait 74 of 100.

Go here to see my other portraits, or learn more about this project.

To enter to win the 100th portrait (acrylic painting) even if I’ve drawn you before, go here

Thanks for visiting!


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13 thoughts on “74 off the front porch

  1. hellenjc says:

    I can see why you felt happy doing this drawing Scott, her face exudes happiness. Off the Front Porch is a great blog too.

  2. occultoantonio says:

    As always, you are the Best.

  3. Especially nice one.

  4. LadyT says:

    i feel happy just from the look on her face.. beautiful portrayed!

  5. Oh this is so lovely – captures my friend perfectly (and yes! It is indeed Pakou!). Thank you for your kind words and beautiful drawings! -Abigail

  6. […] across his project and desired to be involved. I forgot about that request until he shared his 74th portrait titled Pakou. Scott Hamilton, pencil, 2 3/8" x 3 1/8" A nod to Scott Hamilton. […]

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