portrait 86 leslie laughs

Leslie, pencil, 2 1/4" x 3 1/8"

Leslie is a communications professional who lives in Texas. She started her blog as a means of planning her wedding, (married in 2010, congratulations Leslie!) Besides a very cool “25 before 25” list, her main artistic shares are writing and photography. Check out her blog at LeslieLaughs.com and see what that smile is all about.

This is portrait number 86 of 100.

There will be a draw for the 100th portrait, which will be an acrylic painting, on Feb. 15th. Check the link: https://artboy68project.wordpress.com/for-number-100-acrylic-painting-enter-here/ . Enter even if I’ve drawn you before!

To see other portraits done by me click here.

Thanks for visiting!


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18 thoughts on “portrait 86 leslie laughs

  1. occultoantonio says:

    only 14, friend.

  2. another well-captured portrait of joy! -abi

  3. hellenjc says:

    very joyous portrait… great hair again Scott lovely movement in it..

  4. This is great, she looks really happy.

  5. LadyT says:

    another great one! love how you captured the happy feel in this picture! 🙂

  6. jane tims says:

    a happy girl …
    you are getting close to the 100 goal! Jane

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