87 Mr O; searching for refuge

Mr O., prismacolor, 5 1/8" x 5 1/8"

This is a special portrait by special request; there is a remarkable story unfolding over at the blog Love Versus Goliath, and this image shows the main character of that story in front of the actual fence that he was detained behind in Australia while fighting for asylum.

This is a concept drawing for a potential book cover; head over to http://teamoyeniyi.com/ to find out more.

This is portrait number 87 of 100.

There will be a draw for the 100th portrait, which will be an acrylic painting, on Feb. 15th. Check the link: https://artboy68project.wordpress.com/for-number-100-acrylic-painting-enter-here/ . Enter even if I’ve drawn you before!

To see other portraits done by me click here.

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26 thoughts on “87 Mr O; searching for refuge

  1. Powerful drawing/story-would make a great bk. cover…

  2. occultoantonio says:

    magnificent, Master

  3. hellenjc says:

    A most excellent drawing Scott and a very interesting blog too.

  4. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Scott – AMAZING! Given I know my husband so well, I know this is such a great drawing. Thank you so very much!

    I will respond to your email this evening after work!

    @Elena – thank you – the book is in progress. I have to say this inspires me to get moving fater on it!

    @Hellen – thank you for the follow and glad you find our journey interesting!

  5. olletron says:

    Wow D: So much power! You can really see the emotion @_@. As always, I love the lighe, especially under the eyes. Those little details are just so great! I haven’t checked out the links yet, but I’ll do it now :> I probably should have done so before I commented…

  6. olletron says:

    Also the fencing is awesome!

  7. Styln says:

    Wow! Very Powerful!

  8. Love this portrait. It speaks without me knowing its story:)

  9. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Reblogged this on Love versus Goliath : A Partner Visa Journey and commented:
    This is concept art for the cover of Love versus Goliath. Please visit the artist, Scott, to see more of his work. I was going to save this for article 500 but I couldn’t wait! Does this speak to you? What does it say?

  10. Jo Bryant says:

    stunning – my goodness I have to say Robyn…he is a handsome fella…

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