portrait 93 Erin Forsyth

Erin Forsyth, graphite & coloured pencil, 3 1/2" x 4 3/8"

Erin’s profile states:

“I am a practicing multi-disciplinary artist and commercial illustrator. I am the current cultural genealogy mapping intern for The Depot in Auckland New Zealand and a director of both Method and Manners studios and The Busy Nice which I operate with my sister Leah.” 

I just went to her blog, Artist Erin Forsythfor the first time, and I said to myself, “Holy crap why haven’t I been here before-?” In other words, I find her work absolutely impressive. The Busy Nice is a creative agency which she shares with her good friend and sister, Leah. It too, is a fascinating project. Make sure you check them both out.

Even though this is one of the largest drawings yet, I think this is the smallest face- but I really wanted to play with the glass reflections in the background. And despite the seemingly dark imagery, after visiting Erin’s blogs she seems to me to be an amazingly colourful person. Nicely done, Erin!

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand Erin Forsyth is a believer in creative thought and creative application.
Erin has been director of shared studio space Method and Manners and curatorial projects based company The Busy Nice since 2009. She is also the former arts editor for The New Order Magazine and has worked prolifically as a freelance curator and illustrator for over a decade.
Erin’s clients include Insight and Workshop Clothing, Children of Vision and Public Gallery. She has exhibited at the Nine Lives Gallery (Brisbane, QLD), The National Grid Gallery (Sydney, NSW), Rancho Notorious (Melbourne, VIC), Ambush Gallery (Sydney, NSW) and The Basement Theatre (Auckland, NZ) in the past six months alone.
Her candidly dark illustrations and paintings have featured in local and international publications such as Lurve, Pulp, Yen and Black magazines.

This is portrait 93 of 100.

The draw for the 100th portrait took place this morning…. thank you to 109 participants! The final portrait (acrylic painting) will be revealed on Feb. 24.

To see other portraits done by me, go here: https://artboy68project.wordpress.com/

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5 thoughts on “portrait 93 Erin Forsyth

  1. Pretty pretty. A long shot for a change. Love how she is almost un-framed by the two pieces behind her. Does she look a little bit like a manga character in real life?

  2. olletron says:

    She looks so delicate, like a ballet dancer! Really though, wonderful, as always 😀

  3. hellenjc says:

    She looks so beautifully frail and you’re right it’s a great blogfrail… strange though you’ll probably think this is I really love the flooring and wall in the bottom right hand corner!

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