“Lament for a girl”

So I feel the need to write a bit about this one.

There are all kinds of celebrity portraits out there, understandably I guess. I’ve told myself that I would not do this, as I believe that in our own way, everyone is a celebrity, and no one person is more special than another. However, I recently read for the first time a brief biography of Marilyn Monroe and was greatly saddened by her tragic story. It got me thinking about a piece of film negative that I have with Marilyn’s image on it, which I found during a house demolition under a window sill. (There were also newspapers from the 40’s in the walls.) I believe it to be a ‘copy’ negative of Milton H. Greene’s iconic photo of Marilyn.

The butterfly is a Great Mormon, (Latin: Papilio memnon).  It is a species labeled as polymorphic, which means (simply put) that they can appear with different markings depending on their environment.

Symbolically, the butterfly shown here is a male, the intent being to show her oppression.

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"Lament for a girl", carbon transfer on paper, image size 16" x 20"

"Lament for a girl" detail

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14 thoughts on ““Lament for a girl”

  1. hellenjc says:

    Lost for words… which as you know is rare for me… I felt very moved by this Scott. The story of it adds to my appreciation of the piece, She was indeed oppressed by her beauty.. For me the butterfly also symbolises her fragility

  2. Open Up Life says:

    Beautifully displayed. Love the way you expressed your feelings of Marilyn.

    Great work!

  3. Lovely image, Scott. I am wondering what you mean when you say the “butterfly is a great mormon”? Does that indicate form alteration, or something more profound?

  4. artboy68 says:

    Thanks Arlene. That’s just the name of the butterfly- sorry, forgot to capiltalize! Papilio Memnon is the Latin classification. I’m not an entomologist, so if anyone knows otherwise let me know!

  5. fiztrainer says:

    This is so beautiful. I found this quote and thought it was quite appropriate.

    “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” ~Author Unknown

    How much she had been through be become the beautiful person she was.

  6. Deliciouser and deliciouser.

  7. This is phenomenal. I adore it. Wow.

  8. isabella says:

    This is so great.

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