‘Thank God We Found This Place’…. by my daughter Mika

My daughter wrote a poem for a school project yesterday. She based it on a newspaper article about elderly couples who find themselves becoming separated by age and illness, and the inability to find nursing homes that will house them together, ending with inevitable heartbreak. The article outlines one organization which is trying to fill this societal gap, and one couple’s experience with their struggle. You can view the article here.

My girl is 14.




Mika Hamilton


 Opening your arms

in gesture of mending

hearts. Looking into your

eyes; burning timber


with which to light a

new fire.


Like root and stalk,

lust and strife, key

and lock. You carry

the spark to my flame,


you are the knees to my

legs and the spine to my

head. “My love, abide

with me, set our troubled

hearts at ease.”


Standing beneath the

stars; dancing in the blue

and violet threads of night,


foraging the still-life

swish of moon-white glow

cracked in the aftermath

of a stuttering smile. She

aptly replied with a breath

you can swank.


And so our love goes on,

hand over hand, night and day

songbirds phrase. Neumes

at roosted melody

incipits to a new song

soaked in reverie.


Seventy three years we’ve been

together now. Cell by cell

your frame is becoming a

shell, emotions trapped

in a barely-moving



This dire disease already

told me the droning truth

that intones a note of

doom; divorce.


Unwanted cadence swam

whispering through my veins

that the saddest fear of losing

you is creeping in.


The silence we speak is

louder than bombs. Feeling

holes in my stomach

caving in from a vexed



Cowering in my slumber,

there’s a prayer stuck in

my throat waiting in loves

rubble; don’t take her away

from me, don’t let this be

the end.


Thank god we found this place.

Where i can be under the same

roof as you. A home where care

meets the needs of this

love-eating disease.


Everything from world war to

a recent heart attack, and the

fire is still burning. Thank god

we found this place.


Just remember, when

you go what you leave

is a work of art, on

my chest, on my



Without you, there is no

more light. Fire;

withdrawn, vying grief

for flame.


So douse me in gasoline

and strike a match, roan

blood; red with dew


because how could

my life ever last so

rich with me and

dense with you.

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6 thoughts on “‘Thank God We Found This Place’…. by my daughter Mika

  1. RevolutionaryMind says:

    Your daughter is just as talented as you are. This is beautiful and heart-wrenching. Amazing work. Tell her never to stop writing if that’s her passion. She will go far, no matter where she goes.

  2. Barbara says:

    Whoa, what an impressive poem for a 14 year old to write. Thank you for bringing the information about couples being separated after so many years together, I simply cannot imagine. Yes, Thank God for a place such as that! Thanks for this post! Shared…

  3. RevolutionaryMind says:

    Reblogged this on Me, My Thoughts, My Life. and commented:
    This is a fantastic poem written by a 14 year old girl. She has some amazing talents. I might even be a tad jealous.

  4. C. Rae White says:

    What an awesome talent! Keep her inspired!

  5. clinock says:

    I am impressed and touched by your daughter’s words. Please encourage her to keep writing and to understand why her words are so insightful and so full of integrity. You must be very proud of your daughter’s ability to move the emotions of others and speak the truth of a very topical problem…

  6. occultoantonio says:

    I wish you happy new year, my friend… to you and your family. Viva Arte.

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