new painting, different direction

Ok so I lied, this is nothing like what I said I was going to do but hey- I should just keep my mouth shut more often…

The walls before me

‘the walls before me’
acrylic & ink on panel
10″ x 13-1/4″
artboy68 2013

This was really fun for me, a welcome departure from the realism, which I do so wrestle with at times.

edge detail

edge detail

If you like it, let me know!  Thanks,


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10 thoughts on “new painting, different direction

  1. lesleehare says:

    Like it VERY much!!! More, please, LightBoy! (thank you!)

  2. clinock says:

    Unified fragmentation – calm chaos – warm, bold yet shy colours – mystery of almost writing, almost symbols, almost face. Brilliant work Scott, congratulations…

  3. Helen Cherry says:

    Very interesting Scott..painted on wood with a long crack? like a long tear running down your face.. a veritable cave painting !

  4. Barbara says:

    A different direction is always good… Makes us grow! Great work, as always, enjoy your blog as well art!!

  5. artboy68 says:

    Thank you Barbara.

  6. I can dig it! And I’ve had headaches like that, too! : )

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