sketchbook fodder

sketchbook fodder

5 minute goodnight sketch from imagination. Goodnight!

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13 thoughts on “sketchbook fodder

  1. drawandshoot says:

    There is a face if you turn it upside down, too.

  2. clinock says:

    5 minutes! you’ve got to be kidding…fantastic…

  3. I so admire artists who can draw from imagination. I find it almost impossible. I draw just about everything from life. Once I have a sketch, no matter how scrappy, I can develop it with my imagination but I need the comfort balnket of drawing from something tangible. You have a rare skill 🙂

  4. Helen Cherry says:

    yay.. I always like to have somethihng from you drop into my mailbox.. they never disappoint 🙂 made me think straightaway Catweazle ! .. take a look

  5. tanaudel says:

    I like this a lot – reminds me of the presentation of carved greenmen.

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