deep roots face imprinting- continued

A pictorial (with brief commentary) continuation of my previous discussion on “deep roots: face imprinting“.  Experimentation and exploration of the human visage is the thread here; some of the images I like, some disturb me, but alas, here are some of the results.

'death like the sun' hand embellished monoprint  9"x 12"

‘death like the sun’
hand embellished monoprint 9″x 12″

'adorned' hand embellished monoprint  9" x 12"

hand embellished monoprint 9″ x 12″

'recognition', hand embellished monoprint 9" x 12"

‘recognition’, hand embellished monoprint
9″ x 12″

monoprint on cloth

monoprint on cloth

'veil' monoprint and acrylic on wood

‘veil’ monoprint and acrylic on wood

'now I see myself' monoprint, photograph & urethane

‘now I see myself’ monoprint, photograph & urethane

Despite this last image looking as though I’ve just been pied, I thought it too rich not to share.

As I have a seemingly short attention span, this is about where I found myself losing interest in the process;  however, my exploration into the human image (inextricably connected to the human condition in all it’s subtleties) continues.

Discussion is welcome. I love discussions.

Until next time,


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9 thoughts on “deep roots face imprinting- continued

  1. clinock says:

    Scott – it’s just a face you’re going through..;-) – but really, these are brilliant – so many different evocations of the human visage…

    • artboy68 says:

      Haha good one John. Thanks. I have a pile of unmodified white-on-white monoprints left over to play with on rainy days… I’ll most likely get back to them at some point!

  2. karen says:

    These are fascinating, Scott. I like how they range from tribal to quite modern. Cultural comments as well as emotional.

    • artboy68 says:

      Thanks Karen. Part of this exploration is looking at how people across different cultures decorate themselves or how they have depict themselves in art (historically). A lifetime of study there- should have stayed in art history!

  3. I’m playing similarly at the moment. You’ve hit the mark for me with “Adorned” . Truly lovely with a smidge of terrific edge.

  4. Wow – I love the wildness of these, particularly “Death Like the Sun”. I too am fascinated by the cultural aspects of beauty, adornment and perception. Confession time: sometimes for fun I do really ‘out there’ makeup, just to make myself laugh…blue eyebrows, a pencilled moustache, glitter.

  5. Great stuff, Scott, and I have to admit the pie in the face was my favorite… : )

    I love faces myself, and I think character and past conduct are often written on a person’s face. Which means, I suppose, that I’ve lived a pretty goofy life. : )

  6. kevin says:

    I love them. So many ways of seeing ourselves and ways of becoming another. How easily our cultures have directed our self perceptions….

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