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46 oh san francisco…

Lailah Chamon Botelho, pencil, 2 3/8" x 3 1/8"

This is part two of a two-person blog, the first half being my November 9th portrait of Denis Braguini Bevacqua.  Denis graciously asked me if I would draw his blog partner, the lovely Lailah.  I could not resist the allure of this photo taken in San Fransisco, a city dear to my heart since visiting there last summer.  Of course, while there we rode on the very cable car pictured in the background.  What a beautiful place.

Lailah and Denis’s blog is, of course, Chicquero, and as I said before, it is artistic, fabulous, eclectic, and eccentric. Experience it for yourself! http://chicquero.com/

This is portrait number 46 out of 100 and I am behind one day due to blogger fatigue… I know, wahh wahh…. I’ll catch up.

Go here to see previous portraits, or learn more about this project.

To enter to win the 100th portrait (acrylic painting) go here

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twenty four

Denis Braguini Bevacqua, pencil, 2 3/8" x 2 5/8"

Artistic, fabulous, eclectic, eccentric. These are words that I would use to describe Chicquero’s blog. Experience it for yourself! http://chicquero.com/

This is portrait 24 of 100.  Click here for other recent portraits, and here to find out more about this project.



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