about 100 Portraits

In 2010 I started a project similar to this; it was to be 100 tiny faces drawn in my sketchbook, randomly selected from profile pictures and when completed, the pages displayed  as “face book”. Ha ha.  Trouble was, it was a lonely pursuit and I fizzled at number 18. This time around, I discovered the wonderful world of blogging and joined the multitude of daily artists working their craft. So I decided to draw the profile picture of those who took the time to comment on my blog with the offer to mail it to them for free if they wanted it. In 20 weeks I had over 28,000 views and 1700 comments. Getting ‘Freshly Pressed’ (featured on the landing page of WordPress) helped out a lot too. I learned that I could actually stick to a schedule and be disciplined enough to see it through. The many comments I received were the fuel that kept me at it each morning, and I’ve met so many really cool people from all over the world! I will post a list of locations that I’ve sent my portraits to when I’m finished mailing….

I will continue to post new work here as I complete it; I have way too many ideas and inspirations stored up, plus I will be putting new work on my website (http://artboy68.com!). I will continue to draw and paint and carve, and will continue to share. Thanks for visiting!

Click here for a convenient gallery of the portraits, and here is a link to a searchable list of all 100 portraits, with links to their blogs. https://artboy68project.wordpress.com/searchable-list-100-portrait-subjects/



223 thoughts on “about 100 Portraits

  1. shewalkssoftly says:

    Are you still looking for people to draw in this wonderful portrait project? I’d love to be a part of it.

    • artboy68 says:

      Absolutely! Those who comment on my blogs can become victims of my art spamming… you need to have an online public profile photo (of yourself) that I can find. Gravatar.com is a great place for this- you can add a picture of yourself to your wordpress profile (make sure it’s public) and it will automatically be shared on Gravatar. If there is no public profile picture, then I assume that the individuals wish to be private regarding their appearance.

  2. Anubis says:

    i am interested!! how can i send you my photo?? 😀

  3. madisoncary says:

    great work! keep it up!

  4. Liz Dees says:

    What a great idea. My avatar is not my real hair it’s my face yearbooked. I would love to be part of your project.
    B.t.w. If you are interested in portraiture, have you seen what the street artist JR is doing? He’s been doing a global arts project with portraiture.

  5. Liz Dees says:

    Sorry the image didn’t show, it’s my facebook avatar too, maybe you can find it there.
    Liz Dees

  6. Your drawings are so incredibly detailed for such a small work surface; fascinating!

  7. This is such a neat and interesting idea. I’m currently taking a drawing class and am really appreciating those who are so skilled in drawing. I think it’s great that you capture the lines, curves, expressions, and that you do that well. A nod to you. In addition, if you ever are searching for participants I would love to be a part of this project.

  8. Sara Teece says:

    WOW! Love it… please do me! 😉 and Good Luck!

  9. joybound says:

    Interesting project! 🙂

  10. What a great project and beautiful work. I’d love it if you drew my portrait!

  11. Great project. I’m sure you will realize your goal!

  12. Super project! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  13. I stunned that you are able to capture such energy while working on such a small scale. Looking forward to the next portrait!

  14. […] now the partner-in-crime to artboy68′s “100 portraits” […]

  15. Samar says:

    very cool idea and artwork. Reminds me of an artist who drew one portrait a day and accumulated 1000!!.

    Plus you are making loads of people happy. 🙂

  16. joybound says:

    I tried to stop myself from doing this… but I just really like your renderings…and so would like to ask if your list is full already? And if not, then would you consider doing one of me?

    If yes, great! If no…oh well. I still like your work though. Amazing talent! 🙂

  17. Wow, that’s such a great idea and I really like your work! I’d also love to be part of your project too 🙂

  18. EssJay says:

    Your doing great! they are really awesome pieces! great work so far! 🙂

  19. […] his project,  he will be making miniature portraits in pencil & coloured pencil, based on public profile […]

  20. coachrahul says:

    Sounds like a fantastic project. Lot of work for you, though. Would love to get a portrait done.

  21. What a great idea: discipline and serendipity combined! I came across you via ‘Kevin’, who kindly liked my new blog. Your project reminds me of one I once did around the month of February with four other musicians. I gave them each a large blank ‘calendar’ for the month, with just empty squares (2″x2″) where the dates would normally be. They had to fill in one square each day, in chronological order, with variations/selections of lines, circles, triangles, as the creative urge took them. Or they could do nothing. The next month, we got together and created musical interpretations of each of our ‘calendars’. A memorable and off-the-wall concert!

  22. love to have mine done
    U do beautiful work!!
    Sharing U on FB

    • artboy68 says:

      Thank you Dayle! You’re on my list!

      • dayledann says:

        Thank You for including me….I’ll recommend U everywhere….I’ve a galpal who does this for a living, rosemaryfanti.com., & goes to all the best events & gets paid for it.
        I’ve been promoing her & would happily promo your fabulous work if U want?

      • artboy68 says:

        Thanks, Dayledann- I checked out her website- interesting concept! I will have some original prints up for sale soon; and may begin doing portraits professionally once I’m finished with this project. Thanks for the props!

  23. seainspanish says:

    I like your drawings. It reminds me of when I go out, I’m a bit of a wallflower. But after a drink or two, I have this tendency to bust out my moleskine and draw portraits of random people in the bar/party/park/lounge where I am, and give them out. Hehehe. sometimes they’re good sometimes they’re bad. But yours are nice. Good luck with your project!

  24. Heather Roth says:

    Art Spammer! Now if that isn’t the coolest thing to be called, I don’t know what is. Great work! Amazing how we all become connected. DRAW ME!

  25. What an awesome project! totally reclaimed the word spamming for good!
    What happens if my head is a record…???

  26. This is a cool project. I’ve never had my portrait drawn… would you do it – even though I’m not half as pretty as the ladies?

  27. dayledann says:

    Glad U enjoyed the concept as the wedding/special event’s illustrator is a rare commodity & quite a lil moneymaker! all U need is some duds, a smile & your pencils & pad.
    if you’re interested, let me know & I’ll tell U how she & a couple of photographers got started & noticed.

  28. jane tims says:

    Hi. I’d love to get my portrait done as part of the project (great project by the way!). I left a photo of myself on my ‘about jane tims’ page. I have encountered a couple of your portraits on line already. Jane

  29. hotelswelove says:

    Oh, brilliant, bring on the art spamming. Can this be combined with randomly sent (snail) mail art? x

  30. what a way to meet women. you are pretty sharp…

  31. Jona Atotubo says:

    This is a fantastic idea. Good luck! Your really good!

  32. K.O. says:

    Awesome project idea! Please consider drawing me too! 🙂

  33. eyespider says:

    I really enjoyed looking at your drawings. I’ve been doing a drawing a day for a while now, so am particularly interested in people who set themselves related challenges. It’s been a great discipline for me, and posting in a blog provides accountability. I like that your project both exercises your skill and actively networks!

  34. Hi there fellow blogger! I just was browsing through your page and I couldn’t help but stop and really notice all the wonderful details you put into your pictures. You are such a fabulous artist! Thank you for “liking” my post. I appreciate it! If you are still looking for participants, please consider me too. I would love to see your interpretation! Have a wonderful evening and best of luck with your project. It’s such a good idea. 🙂

  35. Got my book says:

    Oh! I would love to have a portrait of me, if you’re still looking for people to draw 😛

  36. dayledann says:

    enjoying all your work!

  37. dayledann says:

    your blog is a great way to start the day!

  38. grosenberg says:

    Sounds like a fun project. I look forward to checking out your portraits 🙂

  39. edtoon says:

    You have a great talent and great work congratulations

  40. dayledann says:

    fabulous work…..rock on!!!!

  41. I’d love to have a picture done if you’re still after people? You’re works amazing

  42. dragonfly180 says:

    great idea! i’m in if you want to draw my picture.

  43. Arlene says:

    I love this idea, and your work. What a wonderful way to build a portfolio.

  44. Arlene says:

    And, I forgot to say, add me to the list!

  45. isabellart says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog ! I love your portrait project. I am on a project too but its 10 portraits (girls – mostly my age) in many many weeks !!!! I am doing oil on canvas ( 36 x 48) so they are fairly large. I consider myself an impressionist in terms of my style. If you are still needing people please consider me 🙂

  46. dayledann says:

    sharing your beautiful work!
    making new friends with some of your subjects!
    Glad I discovered U as you’re a fine Pied Piper & U have spread light in some dark moments!

  47. dayledann says:

    the difference being that U are leading the world to beautiful visuals that can’t help but please the eye of the most jaded viewer thus spreading your bit of light & joy.
    PLUS, your subjects are fascinating!

    That’s why I’m “sharing’ U all over the place to do my lil bit of “light spreading” in this sorry assed world.

  48. kirinjirafa says:

    Wow- I’m really stunned. What a cool project! This is so fun to browse through 🙂

  49. E. He says:

    I would love to be apart of your project! Must go check my gravatar now just in case 🙂

  50. […] is currently engaged on an ambitious project called 100 Portraits. I was Lucky #13. At this writing, he’s completed 38 of 100, and you can view all the […]

  51. Sabine says:

    Your works are beautiful. How you have conducted each piece is ever so interesting to see, and it makes one stop to look at them for quite a while so to see the details you have put into them.

    Good luck with the rest of the 100 Portraits Project. I’ll be definitely following your blog to see them all ^_^

  52. isabellart says:

    Go go go go !!! Such a cool idea 🙂

  53. […] The very talented artboy68  sent me an email today telling me that I am number 39 of his 100 Portraits Project! I am honoured to be literally drawn into this project! Thank you so much Scott! You can see his […]

  54. Amy Guidry says:

    This is a great idea! If you are still adding people, I’d love to be included. 🙂

  55. hellenjc says:

    Some class work here….keep coming back to look at more.. would love to be in …I’ve emailed you 😉

  56. xandreverkes says:

    What a great idea for a project!!! 😀 (wish I could draw/sketch anything more than butterflies!!! 😉 )…. this is awesome!!! Came over from Karen’s blog (drawandshoot)!!! Will be popping in regularly!!! & if you still need portraits… let me know!!! Great job artboy!!! 😀 **

  57. Erin Forsyth says:


  58. […] nos ótimos retratos feitos por https://artboy68project.wordpress.com/about/ resolvi fazer um auto-retrato. Não saiu como eu gostaria mas gostei do resultado. O mais legal foi […]

  59. olletron says:

    Wow, your work is incredible. I’d love for you to draw me, too, but I understand that there were lots of other people here first so I’ll just enjoy the portraits you do of them. I admire you so much for doing this wonderful project. Keep up the good work, what you’re doing is great!

  60. Interesting idea. Nice project. I hope that you have enough time.
    It is very tiring even if it’s very nice.
    Good luck!

  61. I think you already have 100 people on your list? right?
    When someone says “Who whats?” you can hear “Me, me, me , please ME!!!”

    Take care of you (if you gonna be too tired you won’t be able to work properly) and good luck.

  62. […] And thanks once again Artboy! […]

  63. […] that really happens. And this week I’ve received some really wonderful pieces of real mail. artboy68 sent me the original drawing that he did of my profile picture and it is a small finely sketched […]

  64. hellenjc says:

    Well done on being freshly pressed Artboy 🙂 Very well deserved

  65. dayledann says:

    Bravo the freshly pressed!
    that’s due to your art & your nimble brain & fascinating comment that sparked all of this

  66. Liza Vassallo says:

    incredible talent, your way with imagery says so much without needing to define it – I admire artists like you; no need to read you and your reviews are instant amazement.

  67. Kevin says:

    I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger on my blog, ocaclibrary.wordpress.com. Congrats! Keep up the great work!

  68. […] I get to the video, I have to mention the 100 Portraits in 20 Weeks project by Artboy68. I received my original portrait (No. 18) in the post today and its great. I’m a […]

  69. Well done on being Freshly Pressed – I look forward to each new instalment!

  70. Loving this idea! 🙂 great work. hard to pick a favorite.

  71. Nice Idea fella! Go for it! 🙂 Never stop drawing!

  72. I don’t want a portrait by the way but just wanted to cheer you on! You’re making a lot of people happy and for that I say Wooohoooo!!! 🙂

  73. this is such an incredibly cool idea!! I love it!!!

  74. Brilliant idea and beautiful work! I’ll be following your creative journey all the way!

  75. rosemary says:

    Your work is awsome and I stopped by to say thank you for doing my friend Rae # 44. You captured her beautifully and she is truely one of those 1 in a millon people that anyone that knows her feels blessed to have in their lives. Thankyou again for honoring her in such a truely artful way. continue to enjoy your journey as well.

  76. Deryk says:

    This is such a great idea! And the portraits look incredible. Love it!

  77. What a wonderful way to share your gift and get a community involved. Keep up the great work!

  78. writingis4me says:

    Such a wonderful idea! 😀 As an artist myself, I must say my friend, you have skill and talent! I was thinking of doing a similar idea and sketch my friends portraits over Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration! You are a stunning artist!

  79. trialsinfood says:

    what an ambitious project! awesome idea!

  80. What a great idea. If you’re not already over the 100 mark feel free to draw me. I would be honoured.

  81. absolutsteph says:

    What an exciting project! A guy with such talent surely deserves to be fressly pressed =) good luck, I’ll be following your blog!

  82. Hi there! I’m passing through to let you know that i’ve selected you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find out about why I selected you and what you need to do in my link below.



  83. Is this still open mate? Portrait me up please – great blog!

  84. sharisseanne says:

    What is one of your favorite things about creating this blog so far?

  85. Such a cool project! And I love your work!

  86. tatayomg says:

    Good proyect, as mexican i cut be the first :).

  87. Love that you are doing this!!! All the best!!!

  88. This sounds awesome! Would love to see what my startup @ArtSpotterApp could do with you – maybe we could locate on a map where all your portraits are located – afterall it’s an art map 😉
    And hey I won’t be adverse to being one of the subjects either .. hehe



  89. Beth says:

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to see the remaining portaits.

  90. Beautiful project! I’m happy I found it! Is it still possible to be part of it? I’d love to be in! It’s one of the best blogging ideas I’ve seen, congratulations!

  91. Puneesh Suri says:

    Wow. This is a great idea!

    Just taking my chances:

  92. Nadia Elpis says:

    Hi again! Your blog is one of the six that I have nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Some rules / details are on my site. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to reading your blog in 2012.

  93. love returning to your blog… wonderful project. makes me smile every time. :o)


  94. Gigi Galore says:

    I really like your gravatar pic – it’s lovely! … Hmmm … 101 portraits would include a self-portrait …

  95. […] see my other portraits, or learn more about this project. To enter to win the 100th portrait (acrylic painting) even if I’ve drawn you before, go […]

  96. kate wilson says:

    What a great idea!

  97. missjey says:

    OMG, I love your portraits!!! Nice work…Add me to your list if you like!!

  98. […] His goal is to have 100 drawings completed in 20 weeks. A few months ago I came across his project and desired to be involved. I forgot about that request until he shared his 74th portrait titled […]

  99. What a fabulous project! I LOVE this!!!! 🙂

  100. […] I am honoured to have my portrait done by  Scott Hamilton (artboy68),a very talented artist.  You can check out his  project  ”100 portraits”. […]

  101. […] I got to the office, the first thing I saw on my desk was a mail.  From artboy68 … of the portrait/sketch he did of me a while back using my […]

  102. […] or the silhouette of a body. As I was browsing blogs the other day, I came across a cool idea on this blog where the artist Scott is doing 100 portraits and getting his fans involved. SO inspirational and […]

  103. I spotted your blog the other day and LOVED your portrait idea so much so that it has inspired me to give portraits a go!! Absolutely love your work! And thank you so much for inspiring me to draw again as i havn’t for a long time 🙂
    Check it out…

    X Bec

  104. […] is a phenomenal artist who experiences creativity as an emotion. Through 100 PORTRAITS, Artboy68 has instilled a feeling of belongingness in many others who appreciate art and its […]

  105. mariekazalia says:

    It is a cool project. I’d like to post about it on my blog. If I *Press This* I’ll only get the first line as a link in a blog post on my blog. I would like to post your description of your project, sample jpeg images and a link to your blog. If you’d that let me know. Marie Kazalia
    email: MarieKazalia@gmail.com Artist Marketing Resources blog http://ArtistMarketingResources.com

    • artboy68 says:

      Hi Marie, I would be delighted and honored. Just visited your blog, your work is beautiful! Also a fan of your Artist Marketing Resources site. Fantastic.

  106. mariekazalia says:

    Thank you! I am pleased to hear that. Now, all I need is your permission to copy your project statement above and post it to my blog, along with some jpeg images of your portraits you can sent my way –email: MarieKazalia@gmail.com, or private message me on Facebook if you prefer with image files attached:http://www.facebook.com/marie.kazalia.art

  107. chelsey701 says:

    I’m a new blogger this year and I find your blog to be one of my newest favorites. I’ll be paying attention. How long have you been doing art/ interested in it? Very awesome things….

    • artboy68 says:

      Thanks very much! I belong to that category of ‘art school dropouts’ (26 years ago), but maintained a slow trickle of art-making until a few years ago when I began again in earnest. My last year of work could be chalked up to a ‘continuation’ of my art education (self-guided)… a lot of experimentation going on…

  108. love your project…can i partecipate?&how?

    • Thanks for commenting Claudio, I completed this project in 2011 (met my goal of 20 weeks). I’m currently working on a second 100 Portraits project but this time in black and white film photography. You would be more than welcome to participate if you can make it to Vancouver Island, Canada… Your work is amazing by the way!!

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