thirty one: hero or villain? taking votes

Richard Ess Wilkins, coloured pencil, 2 1/18" x 3 1/8"

Perhaps it’s the arching eyebrows, or maybe the lack of hair making him look more intelligent than the rest of us… I just can’t help but relate Richard to a comic book villain… or maybe a hero? What do you think? Does the “Ess” stand for super or sinister?

Well, Richard?

See Richard’s photographic genius at , or

This is portrait 31 of 100, the first portrait of week six.

See previous portraits here, or learn more about this project.

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156 thoughts on “thirty one: hero or villain? taking votes

  1. dayledann says:

    I think he looks just plain hot!

  2. Nice work, Artboy68! Thank you so much for doing my portrait! I love it!

    Right now “ess” stands for blushing. Thank you , Day Led Ann, for the wonderful compliment and for making me feel….well… hot 😉

    I can’t really tell you what the “ess” stands for… or I’d have to kill you.
    Hahahahah! JK!… I should probably get back to my hobby, you know, saving the world…. it’s nothing really, just doing it part-time these days.
    -Richard Ess

  3. occultoantonio says:

    a fine piece of work. you’re a genius.

  4. Got my book says:

    Well he looks sort of kind… but it could be a disguise! 😉 Naa.. I think he’s a hot superhero!

  5. Perhaps there’s a resemblance to Professor Xavier of X-Men fame?

    Great work!

  6. intomind says:

    wow, really amazing!

  7. The slightly askew mouth and nose make the casual observer aware that something is “awry.” Not villainous yet — but perhaps the potential is there???

    Plus he kinda looks like a combination of a young Patrick Stewart and that chef, Michael Symon…

  8. That is fabulously rendered! If all of your work is as good as this or will progress further, you are off to start an amazing career!

  9. Villain. See the coy grin?

  10. Hero, he reminds me of Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek.

  11. madisoncary says:

    congrats to making freshly pressed! you’re hard work as not gone unnoticed. woohoo!

  12. nerdhurdles says:

    Hero. A weird mash-up of Captain Jean Luc Picard and various Bruce Willis characters.

    • Xandalis says:

      Yeah, I thought it was of Patrick Stewart when I first looked. Otherwise, kinda could go either direction: the look of some evil-genius as he’s hatching a plan… or the good-guy giving himself a mental pat-on-the-back for stopping said plan…

  13. Yatin says:

    He’s just Hero of the day, everyone’s talking about him. Not sure otherwise though. Pencil sketches are always deceptive. I’d rather rely on identification parade. Congratulations on being freshly pressed!

  14. Paprika says:

    an intelligent, calculating and brilliant villian.

  15. midnitechef says:

    Cool collected hero 😉

  16. Very cool project!! I say ‘hero with an edge’ because it seems that he used to be a villain and then he was ‘reformed’….so a little bit of both, keeps it interesting.

  17. dayledann says:

    good 4 U, artboy!!!
    your beautiful artwork & your tantalizing observation that drew all the comments put that boy here…….!/fresh/

  18. unspokenkay says:

    You should do my portrait!

  19. skwise says:

    Your really good. 🙂

  20. randomno0b says:

    Hero no doubt! Looks a bit naive, like Picard as nerdhurdles said ^^

  21. I say hero. He looks a bit like Professor Xavier from X-Men.

  22. The Hook says:

    I think he’s chillin’… like a villian! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed, by the way!

  23. Jamie says:

    Definitely a hero with a wicked sense of humor!

  24. revscottd says:

    First, great job! You are very talented. My vote goes for Villain: Lex Luthor from Superman.

  25. kovryzhenko says:

    He reminds me of Bruce Willis, and he is always a good guy =)

  26. Liza Vassallo says:

    hmmmm, villain against villains 🙂 like the joker says to batman; you need me to prove your goodness, after a while the hero becomes the villain 🙂

  27. 4myskin says:

    Hero…reminds me of Patrick Stewart, who plays Captain Picard in Star Trek…so he must be a hero! lol

  28. jane tims says:

    Congradulations on being “freshly pressed” !!!! Jane

  29. Casey_Leigh says:

    this is good…I vote hero…Make one for me! Oh look, affirmative action says you have to anyway! JK JK JK JK…but it would be nice…

  30. KeitherB says:

    I first saw the picture and immediately thought “Captain Sean Luke Picard” of the Starship Enterprise , whom I am a fan of by the way . Great work , I appreciate this so much because i want to get into canvas work .
    My praises to the artist ,– artboy68– …and to the model –Richard– lol from one bald guy to another !

  31. lifevesting says:

    I just love this man.

  32. Marilyn Russell says:

    Nice work!!!

  33. Red says:

    Struggling between the two is what I’d say. Beautiful portrait, and wonderful idea. (:

  34. screenprintr says:

    Give him s Tootsie pop and he’d look like Kojak. Seems like a very nice person and glad he’s writing.

  35. randimogez says:

    artboy68 this is fantastic. im more into painting myself but i love this. great work! i wish i could do more than just paint. 🙂

  36. WOW impressive artistic abilities!!! anytime u wanna do my portrait… 😉

  37. barcncpt44 says:

    That is a very good drawing.

  38. genius super villain! 🙂

  39. Jasmine says:

    He’s a hero, but not like a perfect superman type. He’s the slightly-above-average-joe who saves the day in anything but spandex. Some people are intimidated by him, not everyone likes or trusts him. Sometimes he messes up. He doesn’t have a tagline.

    Oh. And he’s a babe.

  40. Byron says:

    I would go with hero. His eyes are too kind to be a villain…or maybe that is exactly what he wants us to think!

  41. Anastasia says:

    Jean-Luc Picard is my hero forever!

  42. This may sound a bit “Wishy-Washy’ish” but THAT GUY Looks, to Me, like The Classic ANTI-Hero. He’s kind-of a Bad Dude, but You FEEL You Can Trust The Guy Regardless.
    I Enjoy Your Work, Sir.


  43. spy0007 says:

    He is sooooo vilian-ish!

  44. Jesame says:

    I think he’s both. Everyone has some ‘hero’ and ‘villian’ in them and I think everyone has experienced a situation where they’ve been one or the other. Maybe he started off as the villian and ended as the hero, or maybe he started as the hero and ended as the villian. He’s just got such an ambiguous look about him. Anyway, it’s a beautiful work of art and you have incredible talent.

  45. Blink says:

    He looks quite intimidating..!

  46. thats a very good draving

  47. #villian

    Nice post! 🙂

  48. xinacu says:

    He really looks like xavier!!! (X-men) and his gesture is so nice, in the way that seems a grandfather. (The only way you can see him like a “bad guy” is thinking that seems so big (big back, shoulders… like the bad stupid strong guy)

  49. TheChronicR says:

    Well, since you’re asking… The man in this portrait resembles my classmate and is probably his copy in some 20-30 years…I’m serious haha. Good job.

  50. Dana says:

    He looks like my friend Chad so for that reason, he just looks like an average dude to me.

  51. alianthus says:

    I agree with Brad. He has a face that looks like it could belong to a villain, but his expression doesn’t quite fit the typical villain.

  52. paperstew says:

    Congrats Artboy68 on making it to the front page. Can’t wait to see what happens in your next project after the 100 portraits. Will there be another project???
    I think Ess looks like he’s holding something back with his expression. Anti-hero is kind of a good way to put it. Plus handsome. Nicely done!


  53. Ian Smith says:

    I agree with revscottd, he looks like Lex Luthor. A very intelligent and respectable villain, full of ambition (if a little misplaced). I’m sure Mr. Ess is similar minus the villain piece. Very impressive artwork.

  54. JSD says:

    Hero…with a bit of a twinkle in his eyes. Your work is fantastic!

  55. jettybird says:

    Dexter!!! a hero and a villain!!! love it

  56. occultoantonio says:

    Congratulations, Master

  57. Congrats on being FP! I think he looks like Captain Picard, so I would definitely say hero :).

  58. He looks like he knows a secret, haha 😛

  59. Nice! I would have sworn this was a younger Patrick Stewart, though.

  60. marcuz11 says:

    A really nice portrait…. blessed artists!

  61. R K Gronek says:

    Note the broken jaw and flattened ear. This boy has seen plenty of violence. Certainly some type of villian with years of incarceration.

  62. Dr. Steve says:

    That guy really could go either way…in my opinion he looks a bit like a villain. Add some hair and I think he would look more like a hero.

  63. artboy68 says:

    Thanks everybody! I haven’t done a tally, but I think from the references to Patrick Stewart (as either Xavier or Jean-Luc Picard) the hero vote is winning… other comparisons: Lex Luthor, Bruce Willis, Kojac, Dexter (what? but so much hair!) and a few for the Anti-Hero. I think I side with the last…

  64. eldy says:

    what a great project…excellent work

  65. good but you should have finished the top of the head

  66. No, no, no. I disagree. That smirk on his face shows that he knows something none of us does, and thinks he’s pulling one over on all of us.


  67. trialsinfood says:

    the dark eyes and smirk makes him a villain even though he seems nice-looking.

  68. evervescence says:

    I see him as a really good looking Lex Luthor- or Professor X. Or a new superhero with a dual nature perhaps. Nice work!!!

  69. Lonnie says:

    Not sure. He looks like he’s safe, perhaps listening.
    Great project and good that you’re sticking with it and completing it. Congrats on the FP!

  70. hes an antihero!!! looks like the guy from LOST. does it not?

  71. keshavdubey says:

    wonderful! A nice piece of work.

  72. He’s a hero. A sneaky hero with his own vices and a dark past, totally kick-a with a sweet side he keeps on the down low. 😉

    • Well, Ink Caster, I guess it’s not on the down low any longer!

      But thanks for contributing. Artboy68 is pretty awesome huh?

      ps-sweet chainmail 😉

      • Lol, don’t feel bad about it– I’m always kicking the covers off of people’s deepest secrets. X)

        Yeah, the art is totally rocking, here!

        PS- Thanks ever so! …I say just after having changed my picture. Well, I’d had fun with the mail long enough, and thought it was noir time. 🙂

  73. allerganx says:

    He Is A hero of villain’s

  74. Villain!
    Both Hero and Villain!
    Neither Hero nor Villain!

  75. thinsmek says:

    Hot? Okay, amazing!

  76. jenniesisler says:

    I have to admit, the first character this portrait reminded me of was Kevin Spacey’s turn as Lex Luthor in the Superman reboot. And Kevin Spacey rocks, so that’s not a bad thing! The bad guys are more fun anyway;) Fantastic artwork and congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  77. […] A few weeks ago a blogger who I first heard about on Chicquero’s blog, did a portrait of me in colored pencil. Me! No one has ever done a portrait of me before! So, I’m very proud of this drawing by Scott Hamilton (aka: Artboy68). So proud, when he sent me the original, I did a portrait of me holding the portrait! lol… Check him out at […]

  78. It looks like professor X-avier from X man, but it also looks like a villan, hmm… it is hard to decide, but I guess villain.

  79. olivershiny says:

    Doesn’t have villainous eyes. He looks like just some dude.

  80. Don says:

    so i’m the odd won out – no worries – we are what we are – and I’m the odd wun out – go figure! luv to all

  81. GG says:

    Its confusing but if I have to give a shot, I would say villian as his smile was stretched to one side, which is often an expression for contempt…

  82. Erik says:

    I think he looks unpredictable

  83. Erik says:

    lex luthor & mike mayers combined hehe. peace!

  84. gregwinder says:

    Hes a good guy.
    Hes very focused and has an intelligent look.
    Interesting exercise you have here.
    I think also everyone sees different and maybe will reflect something of their own inner ..stuff. Thanks!

  85. LilindaMor says:

    Hey man, congratulations on the Freshly Pressed. I think this guy looks like a villain, but my friend thinks he is a hero. Nice work, anyway. Colored pencils are so hard, and you took the best out of them.
    I also want to volunteer to have my figure painted by you. Specially on this 100th painting thing. Or in any other day. I have some pictures on my gravatar, and some on my facebook, but maybe I’ll remind you about that on some other post. This one is so famous you might forget to check, haha.
    I have just created a blog with a similar project than yours, which made my visit here even more mystic. Take a look if you have the time.
    See you soon.

  86. eof737 says:

    Congratulations on getting Freshly Pressed! WooHoo to you! Now, I’m waiting for my portrait… especially now that the Photo Challenge for this week is “Self Portrait.” How timely! Kudos to you. 🙂

  87. Great drawing! I love color pencil!

  88. Cave Story says:

    It depends. His circumstances and the environment will either make him a hero or a supervillain.

  89. He’s a great actor, so he can play either!

  90. Kimberly says:

    Hero or villain? I say yes. The subject is a metaphor for human potential. Like all of us, he can be either, or at times even both.

  91. hi i have a blog about poetry and do art as well. i think your amazing and really have talent. what an inspiration!

  92. ryoko861 says:

    I thought it was Patrick Stewart.

  93. Manoj says:

    He does look like Patrick Stewart – not exactly a villain type.!

  94. I think he looks like a smartass hero, who can be quite Machiavellian in his heroic ways.

  95. Hero, definitely. Awesome portrait. Congrats on FP!

  96. donationcan says:

    His smile is nice, definitely not a villian!

  97. artjen1971 says:

    I think it’s John Luke Picard! Intelligent, strong and sort of sophisticated!! Actually, the portrait is wonderful.

  98. MissLauraC says:

    He looks like a hero to me – great project by the way, very inspiring.

  99. Eklctc says:

    Awesome sketch. I would with villain. He has a villain smirk. 😀

  100. wildstar84 says:

    Looks a lot like Patrick Stewart to me.

  101. methoosis says:

    Hmm… I think he looks like he hasn’t decided if he wants to be good or evil yet 🙂
    Clever-looking, intelligent, playful…. (my opinion of what his portrait looks like)

    I’d say he’s a villain, but a clever, not too mean villain. In my opinion, there are two kinds: The harsh, mean, single-minded ones, and the ones who do it because they enjoy exercising their cleverness, etc. I think he looks like the latter.

  102. methoosis says:

    …on second thought, he looks like he’s changed his past ways of evil, and crossed over to the good side. Or the other way around. Hard to say!! At any rate, I think he looks like both. A clever man who goes off to save the world one day, then turns around and robs someone on another. Something like that.

  103. Kathy says:

    This is definitely a hero… looks like Bruce Willis to me…. LOL!

  104. Amelia says:

    Very inspiring project! (No way this guys a villain. Look at those eyes!)

  105. I would say hero with a slightly mysterious past!

  106. Olli says:

    Looks like ‘Korse’ from Danger Days… I’m hopeless. He just looks… Nice.

  107. Me says:

    He reminds me of Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) , which puts him into the hero category. He certainly could go either way, though!

  108. To quench your thirst for answers to my mysterious past I will tell you this: I was arrested for trespassing once. There are, of course, other things…. but….hold on, there’s someone at the door……….

  109. gaycarboys says:

    It looks like a younger version of Capt Jean-Luc Piccard from STarship Enterprise. Great drawing though

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