portrait 90 Miles and Pippa on the high seas

Miles and Pippa, pencil, 2 3/8" x 2 3/8"

Studio Blue Sea is a floating gallery currently exploring Spain’s ‘Little Sea’, the Mar Menor. Here is an excerpt from the ‘about’ page from their website:

“Studio Blue Sea is the online home of Miles and Pippa.

Miles and Pippa bought their first boat in 1980, a heavy displacement fishing boat built in 1922.

Their current boat is a steel ketch launched in 1998 and designed for long distance cruising and comfortable living.

They support themselves through music, art and writing and this website is a showcase for their work.”

You can read about their intriguing life and impressive accomplishments on their website, http://studiobluesea.com/index.html, or on their blog, http://studiobluesea.wordpress.com/.

This is portrait 90 of 100.

There will be a draw for the 100th portrait, which will be an acrylic painting, on Feb. 15th. Check the link: https://artboy68project.wordpress.com/for-number-100-acrylic-painting-enter-here/ . Enter even if I’ve drawn you before!

To see other portraits done by me click here.

Thanks for visiting!


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5 thoughts on “portrait 90 Miles and Pippa on the high seas

  1. Emily He says:

    Wow! Love the instruments and the awesome people you’ve drawn! Can’t believe you’re starting the 90s already!!

  2. Scott, thank you. We have had the greatest pleasure in following your 100 Portraits project and then to find this personal gem today is truly wonderful. We live an amazing life but our best experiences are always to do with human interaction. Since joining the blogosphere we’ve found that our virtual encounters and relationships are as life-enhancing as the real ones. We are privileged to have been under your pencil and captured in your unique style.
    Miles and Pippa

    • hellenjc says:

      beautiful sentiment Miles and Pippa…\I enjoyed browsing your website 🙂 and Wow Scott…10 to go !! nice job on this one, as ever, you never disappoint !

  3. Barbara says:

    #90 already?? Whoa! Another great one Scott!

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